Friday, 2:07pm

Noah has a scheduled procedure in the OR this afternoon at Seattle Children’s—helping his left foot finish healing. (It’s been a very long, involved process getting beyond the surgery he had 5 months ago.)

Pray that Noah would be completely peaceful—anxiety free—when we send him back with the anesthesiologist into the OR. Never fun, and harder now that he’s getting older.


They took him back. Now we wait. Phew.


He’s a real trooper.


JUST got into our room for the night. They were sending him to the floor, but pulm intervened and said, no, we want him in the ICU. Lol.

He’s doing pretty well. Sleeping now 💤

Some good calm sleep should do the trick.

Saturday, 7:57am


It was a good night. Hoping to get home today.


We’re home!

Noah’s doing great. Procedure was a success!

We’re all exhausted, except seemingly Noah. Ha.